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J&E provides customers with various flavors,
happiness and the best experience.

Unique technology
J&E breaks away from the existing concept of popcorn and meets the diverse needs of consumers by developing various and unique flavors and practical packages with its own technology. We develop and supply.
In addition, we developed Non-Fried Chips for the first time in Korea and are emerging as a comprehensive snack company in name and reality.
Darda is different
Currently, you can meet J&E's products in various places in Korea, such as convenience stores, discount stores, department stores, Supermarkets, PX, drug stores, and highway rest areas.
In overseas markets, J&E's global brand 'darda popcorn' is expanding its export market to Japan, Southeast Asian markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as the United States, China, and Russia.
Challenge and passion
J&E is a leader in the domestic popcorn industry and pioneer for pop chips or non-fried snacks. J&E will grow into a world’s leading snack manufacturer and exporter with top-notch production facilities, continuous R&D, new product and thorough quality control.
J&E, spreading its wings and flying into the world

J&E's logo symbolizes a corporate spirit that fulfills its corporate social responsibility
and role based on the fair management and represents a corporate spirit that leaps to the world.

It contains a vision to become a global snack company by pursuing a company that gives happiness
and a company that repays with the best quality.

CI J&E Logo

Korean CI

English CI

BI Darda by Kernels Logo

Darda by Kernels

The different by Kernels logo signifies the spirit of snack development that fuses various tastes and health with the popcorn technology and know-how that is taking the top spot in Korea.

[J&E character Popdole(Popcorn boy)]

Popdole is a reliable and loyal friend who has been with J&E for more than 20 years.

Always lively, cheerful, witty and adventurous!

He has an innocent personality who pops up anytime, anywhere, and is full of talent to make those around us happy.

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