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Origin of popcorn

Popcorn has been around for a very long time. The first record of popcorn in Europe, it was on the first Thanksgiving Day(October 15, 1621) about 400 years ago. Quadequina who is the chief of the Massasoit, an Indian native, delivered fried corn to British immigrants.

Since then, Indians have used popcorn as a sign of peace negotiations whenever they meet with British settlers.

The following year, British settlers learned how to grow corn and make popcorn from the Massasoit , and they enjoyed eating it at home.

Types of popping corn

Corn is classified as dent corn, flint corn, sweet corn, pop corn, soft corn, starchy-sweet, waxy corn, and pod corn depending on the shape and nature of the seed. Popcorn, which is corn for popcorn, is divided into butterfly and mushroom types according to the fried shape.

Types of Popcorn

  • Oil popping

    Oil popping popcorn is a original popcorn that fried with oil and salt.

  • Dusting

    Dusting popcorn is sprinkled the original popcorn with seasoning to add more flavor.

  • Kettle corn

    Kettle corn is sweet & salty popcorn coated with caramel lightly on the original popcorn.

  • Deluxe

    Deluxe is the popcorn that applied candy coating of glazing type on mushroom corn that fried with heat & pressure.

  • Slurry

    Slurry popcorn is coated with specialized slurry solution on mushroom corn that fried with heat & pressure.

  • Revolving

    Revolving popcorn is coated with chocolate on mushroom corn that fried with heat & high pressure.

  • Drizzling

    Drizzling popcorn is drizzled with white and dark chocolate on the popcorn.

Healthy snack, Non Fried snack

NFC (Non-Fried Chips) is an innovative snack that takes into account the mood of the eater and is healthier and more delicious for consumers than just snacks.

Compared to regular fried snacks, the fat content is about 30% lower, so you can enjoy it light and healthy anytime, anywhere.

NFC Features

1. NFC has a rich flavor because it aged reliable specialized raw materials and then puffed.

2. NFC is light snack that fried only with heat and pressure.

3. NFC is fried with patented double-crunch secret method to enjoy the best crispness.

Types of NFC

  • Corn chips

    Plain corn chips is a puffed snack with Australian corn.

  • Rice chips

    Plain rice chips is a puffed snack with Korean organic rice.

  • Potato Chips

    Potato chips is a puffed snack with micro potato pellets that made of steamed and dried potato.

  • Protein chips

    Protein chips is a puffed snack including high protein that from chicken breast(Korean chicken brand, Cherrybro).

Origin of Pretzels

Christianity abstains from eating meat during Lent, but in the 400s, Christians in ancient Rome avoided consuming dairy products in addition to meat. At this time, the origin of the pretzel was bread made with only flour, water and salt. The shape of the bread is modeled after the ancient Romans prayed with their arms crossed and their hands on the opposite shoulder.

It was first built in the 7th century by a monk from northern Italy or southern France to reward children who had read prayers well, and named it "pretiola", meaning "little statue". This crossed over to Germany and became "bretzel". In the 18th century, the Dutch community of Pennsylvania, who immigrated to the United States from Germany and Switzerland, also enjoyed the pretzel. In 1861, pretzels in the form of hard cookies were first made at the "Sturgis Pretzel House" in Ritz, Pennsylvania, and they spread around the world.

Types of Pretzels

The types of pretzels are classified as soft bread and hard snacks, and are divided into salty and sweet according to their taste.

In addition to traditional shapes, there are also pretzel sticks in the shape of bars.

Types of Pretzels snack

  • Original

    Original pretzel is a salty pretzel with thick salt after baking with flour, salt, etc.

  • Dusting

    Dusting pretzel is a variety of flavors of seasoning on the original pretzels.

  • Enrobing

    Enrobing Pretzel is coated in chocolate.