About R&D center

J&E has been leading the development of various popcorn manufacturing technologies and non-fried snacks.
Through continuous research and development, we are developing snacks that consider not only the taste and quality
but also the health of consumers and leading the expansion of the snack base by applying specialized packages for each product.
Our R&D center is in the center of it.

A careful selection of ingredients & Core technologies

J&E R&D center values every little element that changes the 'snack taste' without missing a beat.

We have possessing technologies for key elements of the entire manufacturing process, such as ingredients selection/mixing/ripening technologies that can best realize the taste of snacks, manufacturing technology that can realize new texture, coating and syrup/seasoning manufacturing techniques. Also, we are actively exploring new markets by developing non-fried snacks.

Continuous product research and development
J&E R&D center holds a number of our own technologies based on long-term know-how and continuous research and development.
  • Patent technology about manufacturing syrup for popcorn
  • Possessing manufacturing technology about popcorn dusting, coating, and revolving
  • Patent technology about manufacturing non fried puffing snacks.
We are focusing on developing new technologies to make delicious and healthy snack products.